Return policy

Return policy
You may return most purchases within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. If the item being returned is not damaged or defective, we’ll deduct the prepaid cost of return shipping from the refund. Once the item is received by Entaai Ltd!, the refund will be applied.
Own return
You can initiate your own return and print your return label directly from the Stuff You Bought page. Your order must have been placed within the last 30 days, the item price must be $20 or greater, and the item must have arrived damaged, defective, or missing accessories to qualify for a self-service return. Gourmet.Entaai Ltd orders, Shirt.Entaai Ltd orders, apparel orders, and any orders shipped by a freight carrier are not eligible for self-service returns. For these cases, please visit our Support page to initiate a return.

Apparel and shoes
If you are not satisfied with your purchase or size of the item, return it in new and unworn condition in the original packaging for a full refund. Any product(s) that have been resized, damaged, or otherwise altered after delivery will not be accepted for return. Entaai Ltd! will process your return and issue a full refund with no deduction for shipping after receiving it.


Combined orders
If you return product(s) that are ineligible for free returns with product(s) that are eligible for free returns, Entaai Ltd! may deduct the shipping costs for the ineligible products(s) from your refund amount in accordance with our returns policy. In addition, some special product, order, or handling fees may still apply.

Heavy/bulky items
For items shipped by a specialty carrier (CEVA, ABF, Pilot) there is a flat $50 return fee.


Food and perishables
Food and perishables are not returnable to Entaai Ltd!, but may be refundable or replaceable based on customer issues and availability.


Hazardous materials
Hazardous materials (except any item containing a lithium battery), including flammable liquids, glass, or gases, are not returnable to Entaai Ltd! and are not refundable unless the item arrived in damaged or defective condition. Items that use fuel (e.g. lawn mowers, grills) are not returnable to Entaai Ltd!. Please contact the warranty provider to repair or replace as needed.

Lithium battery
For returns for items containing a lithium-ion battery, please contact customer service at

Bags of Crap
No returns. Once you hit that buy button, you’re stuck with it. We don’t want it.

Return a damaged or defective product.
If the item you purchased is damaged or defective and was purchased within the past 30 days, please go to our Support page to report the issue. You may be required to return your defective item to Entaai Ltd! before an exchange or refund is issued. In the event the item being returned to Entaai Ltd! is NOT found to be damaged or defective, you may be assessed a 15% restocking fee and the original shipping charge will not be refunded.
Return a damaged computer.
Any returned desktop, laptop or tablet that is damaged through customer misuse, is missing parts, or is in unsellable condition due to customer tampering may result in the customer being charged a higher restocking fee based on the condition of the product.
Return damaged heavy/bulky items
For items shipped by a specialty carrier (CEVA, ABF, Pilot) damages must be reported to Entaai Ltd! within 30 days of receiving the item. Items covered by a 90-day warranty will cover any defects that may happen.
Return large vacuum-sealed items, like memory foam mattresses and toppers
These items are too bulky to return. If there is a damage or defect, please contact Entaai Ltd! customer service and they will assist you with a replacement, if possible, or a refund.
Cancel my order
You may do so in the first 2 hours after placing the order. To cancel, click on your username in the top right of the page. Go to STUFF YOU BOUGHT and look for the CANCEL button. Orders with expedited shipping are not eligible for cancelation.
Changing the shipping address after the fact.
Unfortunately, you can’t change the address after an order is placed. We recommend canceling the order entirely, assuming
a: it does not contain an item purchased from a Entaai Ltd-Off!,
b: you didn’t use expedited shipping on any item, and
c: you cancel within the first 2 hours after placing the order. Go to STUFF YOU BOUGHT and look for the CANCEL button. If it hasn’t sold out already, then you may reorder the product with the correct address you meant to use in the first place.